1. We are teeing off from the Black Walnut Tees
  2. $10,000 for a hole in one on # 6.  $1,000 for any other par 3
  3. Each team must use three drives from each member of the team.
  4. Balls must be placed as close to the original ball as possible, without having to hit out of a divot.  YOU DO NOT GET A CLUB LENGTH.  YOU   CANNOT IMPROVE YOUR POSITION.  IF THE ORIGINAL BALL IS IN THE ROUGH, ALL SUBSEQUENT SHOTS MUST BE FROM THE ROUGH.
  5. Closest to the Pin is on hole # 16.  Longest drive is on hole # 7.
  6. Spike marks on the green can be tapped down.
  7. 14 Club rule is in effect
  8. The Abbey Springs Staff has the right to assess penalty strokes for slow play and can eventually remove the team from the course.
  9. If shots are not marked, you cannot go back to decide to hit that shot.  Marc hits his shot.  The team decides to use Jeff’s shot, so they pick up Marc’s ball.  When they get to Jeff’s ball, they realize they would rather hit Marc’s ball.  They go back and drop “near” the spot Marc’s ball was.  This is a NO NO.
  10. No sharing Clubs
  11. No gimmes
  12. Team Capt. has final say on all rule interpretations as well as ball choice.
  13. In case of a rainout, winner will be decided by the best score as of the hole the last team to tee off has finished.